Water and Wastewater: Conveyance, Collection, Transmission

Conveyance, collection, and transmission systems are the backbone of every community. But, system failures can cause service interruptions, costly damage, and negative impacts on human health, the environment, and the economy.

Utility owners across North America are facing significant challenges, including:

  • Aging infrastructure.
  • Structural deterioration.
  • Tuburculation.
  • Corrosive soils.
  • Funding restrictions.
  • Lack of public support.
  • Workforce issues.

We understand the challenges you’re up against and can assist in navigating these hurdles to achieve your infrastructure goals.

With every turn of the tap and flush of the toilet, you want to ensure reliable service for your customers. As such, the life cycle of pipeline systems demands careful planning, management, maintenance, rehabilitation, and sometimes replacement. The pipelines we’ve designed keep billions of gallons of wastewater and water safely and efficiently on the move in communities across the U.S. each day. Clients look to Gannett Fleming for sustainable pipeline solutions that emphasize cost-effectiveness and flexible operations and maintenance.

Water Systems

The lifeblood of your community, clean drinking water must be efficiently, reliably, and safely carried from the plant to your customers. We consider your entire water supply system to deliver integrated transmission and distribution solutions. Our complete system evaluations include flow, pressure, and water quality testing, condition assessment, and even failure history.

We assess distribution system concerns using hydraulic modeling and field analysis to pinpoint performance challenges and strategically prioritize water system improvements. This ensures you’re receiving the best value for your investments.

When you’re facing rehabilitation, replacement, upgrades, or system expansion, our forward-thinking solutions can help you meet today’s challenges and prepare your utility for the future. The Gannett Fleming team is experienced in a wide variety of complex projects, including large-diameter, cross-country transmission pipelines, and distribution systems within congested urban settings. And, with expertise in trenchless technologies, we can provide economical, minimally invasive solutions for the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure or replacement.

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Maintaining collection infrastructure is essential to ensure continuous service, prevent unlawful discharge, and plan for future growth. We perform sanitary sewer evaluations that provide clients a thorough condition and capacity assessment of their assets. We employ:

  • Open-channel flow monitoring.
  • Closed-circuit television.
  • Smoke testing dye tracing.
  • Sonar technology.

And we partner with expert subcontractors to provide lateral televising. Our evaluations remove the guesswork to give you a complete picture of your system, its condition, and any immediate improvement needs.

When improvements are necessary, we employ a programmatic approach to meet the needs of both densely populated urban and environmentally sensitive rural areas. We propose the most viable system improvements while considering your fiscal goals.

We’ve designed scores of gravity and pressure collection systems and thousands of miles of sewer pipelines. Examples include interceptor sewers up to 102 inches in diameter and force mains up to 60 inches, employing open-cut and trenchless installation. Using data analysis and flow modeling, we design combined, sanitary, and storm sewer systems that best manage peak flows.

Our expert staff maintains credentials conferred by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), with accreditations in pipeline, manhole, and lateral assessment. This means that your system is in the hands of a team at the fore of industry trends, technology, and regulations.

Pump Stations

The unsung hero of water infrastructure, pump stations are essential for all in-plant, distribution, and collection systems. Still, your pumping challenges are unique—and so are your drivers.

Perhaps you’re facing infrastructure issues, such as aging facilities, pump and motor problems, or surge and water hammer effects. Or, perhaps you have operations concerns, such as funding scarcity, optimization for energy savings, or workforce issues. We combine deep experience in designing new pump stations and upgrading and rehabilitating existing facilities. We have expertise in selecting pumping configurations to best align with your wastewater treatment plant requirements.

Whether dry well, wet well, horizontal, or vertical, we deliver reliable, efficient, sustainable pump station solutions to meet your infrastructure challenges. Gannett Fleming has designed and placed into service hundreds of pump stations and associated systems, ranging in capacity from 0.1 to 395 million gallons of water per day (MGD).

Our pump station portfolio includes:

  • Dam impoundments.
  • Distribution system booster and fire pump stations.
  • Municipal drinking water.
  • Stormwater control and conveyance.
  • Water supply development.
  • Wastewater collection and treatment.

We’re driven to uncover efficiencies, increase energy savings, and improve your operations through strategic pump selection and upgrades, and automating controls based on flow, pressure, and level.

Pump Station Solutions

Our pump station solutions include:

  • Evaluation and design for rehabilitation and new pump stations.
  • Pump selection.
  • Auxiliary systems design.
  • Instrumentation and controls design.
  • Hydraulic evaluation and modeling
  • Pump problems evaluation and corrective assessment.
  • Pump materials assessments and recommendations.
  • Pump optimization and value engineering.
  • Testing and start-up.
  • Operability and constructability reviews.


Are you looking for a reliable, collaborative partner? Do you have a planning, design, or construction challenge? We want to hear from you.

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Are you looking for a reliable, collaborative partner? Do you have a planning, design, or construction challenge? We want to hear from you.

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